Ringtones are a sound or alert that tells us about incoming call or text on our phone. Ringtones are of various types depending on the source from which they are generated or the format in which they are formed or on the basis of cost.
Various Forms of Ringtones:
The ringtones which cycle one note at a time are known as monophonic ringtones.
Polyphonic ringtones are ringtones are tones which play several notes at a time.
True tones are some parts of popular songs, or dialogues from films in mp3, wav or .amr format.
The ringtones which are generated from the piano is known as piano ringtones.
Ringtones based on classical songs or different, ‘Ras' are known as classical ringtones.
On the basis of formats
Ringtones are also classified on the basis of different file formats on which they are based.
  • Mp3
The ringtones in the format of mpeg 1 or mpeg 2 are known as mp3 ringtones. The quality of such ringtones is quite high and usually about 1 MB to 2.5 MB
  • . Wav
Waveform audio file format or wav is a standard Microsoft audio format. It is typically an uncompressed audio file of size 800kb to 2 MB
  • .amr
The .amr format is an audio recording format. All the ringtones or songs we record from phone are recorded in .amr format usually of size 300 KB to 800 KB. Ringtones can be getting from various sources.One that they can be directly downloaded from the internet as free or for a very minute cost. Some online sites offer online service to make ringtones of your choice. Applications available in the market allow you to cut the desired excerpts from your favorite song and set it as your ringtone. Ringtones have a very vast business as the customers are willing several dollars to download their favorite ringtones.
History of Ringtones:
As graham bell invented telephone he was confused that how people would come to know that someone is calling as someone would already have to tell that he is calling but then what’s the use of telephone. Then he get an idea to create a noise to alert people that a phone is coming ant that was the time when ringtones came into existence. Then private corporations started making telephones and NEC released a telephone that came with few preset ringtones. After 2 decades telephones were largely in demand several small and large companies began to make phone. Different companies provide their different signature tunes such as Nokia tune. Then there came a time when people started having their favorite songs and tones getting downloaded from the internet.
Some phones are provided with software called ringtone maker which allows you to make a ringtone of your choice and save it as your phones ringtones. Ringtones are and would always be an important part of our cell phones even 50 years from now as they are a way to get informed that someone is calling us.

As the cell phone craze began so did the ringtone craze. With every song or TV show clip ever heard out there as a ring tone, including some commercials, everyone has gotten stuck in the ringtone spiral. They want something that helps them to express themselves or just makes them happy to hear. Now that everyone is using it they just keep growing. There are millions of free ringtones download available now.
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Ditch the Default Ringtone:
Ringtones have become equal to doing your nails. You can change them as often as you want to match your personal tastes or the mood you are, even for a seasonal flair. Some people pick their favorite songs. Others pick commercials that make them laugh or even clips of their favorite quotes from the TV. With so much out there is definitely something for everyone.

How to Select the Right Ringtone
The first thing that you should do is decide what kind you want. Do you want your favorite Greco commercial, your favorite quote from Star Trek or another TV show? Do you want a song that you are so into right now? Maybe you want an old song that reminds you of a special time. Once you have chosen your category just start the search. Now, you can find pretty much anything that has ever been recorded as sound as your ring tone. They even have ones that are just noise. Search for whatever you want and take your time. Find the perfect one that is just so you and make it your ringtone. Keep in mind you can easily switch it out if you get tired of it or want a Christmas song for December.

Go the Extra Mile:
Now you can even have a different ringtone for every person in your contacts. They have a lot of one’s just for moms that say “your mother is calling, you better pick up, this is your mother” and others like that. If your best friend is always at the movies you can even make their ring tone that song that plays when a movie starts. You can pick everyone’s favorite song for their personal ringtone or something that makes you think of them when you hear it. No matter which way you go each time your phone rings you will know exactly who is calling without even having to look. 

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Best Mobile Ringtones
Best Mobile Ringtone Change with You:
As you get into different music or grow out of old songs or get into classic songs, your ringtone can change with your taste. If you want to play holiday songs in the winter that is easy to do. If you picked your favorite show's theme song and you get a new favorite show than you can change it to that shows theme song. Even if you picked a romantic song because it was “our song” but have since broken up you can change it to a song like Flying Solo or something that makes you smile to put you in a better mood as you get over the break up. Free mp3 ringtones  are so versatile that they change as you do.

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What Is Free Ringtones?
And Why Do We Use Them?

The free ringtones download is a very popular and familiar searching method by these days. Many people are getting the appropriate consequences while doing this method in a very common social way to gain their objectives from this. One can fulfill his desire to have an expected ringtone in his system while using the mobile. It publicly benefits everyone who submits proposals for appropriate, available, undisputed, freely deliverable, and most usable, the best ringtones to import immediately. These benefits are, in the same way, linked to particular companies that strive to work for the comprehensive presentation of best ringtones in the marketplace. Unfortunately, some other noncontributing companies use those sources in order to get the reproduction smoother, faster in production of actual results. 

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How to Use Ringtones in a Proper Way?

We may not every time keep our cell phone busy. For this, we need not to always use our cell phone while it remains in our hands. But who knows if just now the incoming call would arrive? That is why we cannot either stop our phone for no action, or we can keep it silent every time (as sound will matter). If the situation compels us not to keep the cell phone silent, we then reduce the volume of the ringtones and do not keep it much away from us.

 But, sometimes we face such a situation or get ourselves into the circumstance that we cannot concentrate to the phone directly. At this time the ringtone option should be closed or paused for sometimes. Suppose, in the prayer hall or mosque we must stop the ringtones option and even the vibration since we become unable to move and stop the phone while we reach in a deep level of contemplation. This time also we may stop the ringtone, and if possible we may stop the mobile as well. Nevertheless, as soon as the prayer ends we should start the phone again. Otherwise I really might miss someone who needed me.

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Prevent Unexpected Calls by Setting up Free Ringtones:

Among all of the Free Ringtone, we prefer songs to be default as a ringtone. Also we can set several ringtones at a time for several contact addresses. Then we can identify the caller before we watch on the screen of cell phones. The distinct item of ringtone helps us recognize the caller before we watch the phone number. We can also use separate ring tones for a non-allowable caller. If we set the ringtone as a warning or worse alert it will be easy to see the restricted number so that we do not have to receive the call to know the person. If we have many of free ringtones, we shall be able to use plenty of them and set them against every single contact properly.

There are several uses of the free ringtones. You just need to choose the best according to your choice!

Free Ringtones
Everyone loves music. So ringtones are popular in the present world. You can get ringtones easily via the web. Sometimes you need to pay for this. You can also get them free. There are several ways to get unique as well as exclusive ringtone for your mobile phone. Though most of the people search for free ringtones, however; the sometimes fails to find out the source to download their free ringtones. Get ready to learn how you will get your ringtone easily!

Downloading Ringtones from the Web:
It is the most easy as well as the safest way to get the ringtones. There are different websites from which you can download different kinds of ringtones. There is a vast collection of ringtones on the web. You can easily get them by having an internet connection. For getting free ringtones you need to register to the desired site and by completing the sign up process you will be able to download ringtones. Some sites provide special facilities to their members. So it is easy to download ringtones easily by being the member of their sites. Sending ringtones to the cell phone is another facility provided by some websites.  Making ringtones is so easy. So most of the time, people can download ringtones without any cost. Some sites also require some money for downloading ringtones from their sites. But at present, most of the sites provide free ringtones.
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Making Ringtones:
It is very easy to make ringtones. There are different kinds of tools for creating ringtones. You will be able to make ringtones easily by using different kinds of tools of the software.  You need to have some music files for doing this. Then you will be able to convert those files into ringtones. This will help you to get ringtones of any music files according to your wish. Not only the latest music but also the old songs can be converted into ringtones. So it’s easier for anyone to make ringtones according to their necessity.

Different Kinds of Mp3 Ringtones:
There are MP3 ringtones of different kinds of songs. You can also convert any music file to MP3 ringtones according to your wish by applying software. The popular ringtones are available everywhere. But there are also some ringtones which are not popular to all. You can also get them.

People always try to use ringtones on their mobile phone. A ringtone presents the choice and personality of a person. So people always try to have a unique ringtone or a special ringtone on their mobile phone. If you also want to do so, you can do this easily by creating a ringtone of your own or by collecting from somewhere. There is also another opportunity of getting ringtone from the web. It will help you to get your desired ringtone from a vast collection. So just download or make a ringtone for your mobile phone. Always find out the unique one as it will help you to draw the attention of the other people instantly!
Helpful References: http://www.oldpeopleringtones.com/

The evolution in cellular phones technology is remarkable, the mobile phone has transformed from a simple communication gadget to a full entertainment package. Mobile phone technology is advancing form day to day making the cellular phone a basic need. It has become part of our lives not only for communicating but also for business, education and entertainment. Due to this we tend to personalize our phones to reflect who we are and what we like.
You can easily tell of someone’s personality simply by looking at his phone that is the wallpaper, music stored and the ringtones as well. We all set ringtones according to our types of music and on average we change these ringtones about twice a month. Free ringtone downloads has greatly contributed to this but there are a few facts you need to know before downloading freebies available online or through your mobile phone. Helpful Resources

These facts are :


Free ringtones are available online the copyright periods have finished. They are actually available for free only for promotional purposes and most free tones will expire after some time or you will be asked to purchase a full version.

There are many online sites that offer free ringtones downloads straight to your cellular phones. Some of these companies might be issuing out pirated version of the tones and this means they are illegal. You should be careful of such companies when downloading freebies.


Ways of downloading free ringtones are many; you can download directly form a link sent on your phone as a text message or directly through the WAP. Like any other cellular download (wallpaper, theme, screen saver) ringtones can infect your mobile phone with viruses that can gain access to the phone and cause damages.

Free ringtones are mostly made available for teenagers who look to have the latest songs and tones available. There are rapid downloads everyday round the globe. It is not bad to get yourself a free ringtone although it is highly advised to go through the terms and conditions first before use.

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